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Chat – You can get us connected through Whatapps or Online Chat (in the ordering system). You can communicate with us or leave your message while we are offline. It is efficient as we can see which website you are and who you are, and hence we can assist you faster.

Our operating hours are as shown below (Malaysia time zone) 9:00a.m. – 18:00p.m. (GMT +8) from Monday to Friday and 9:00a.m. – 12:00p.m. (GMT +8) for Saturday.

We do not work on Sundays and public holidays.

YES. You have to register as a user to get instant quote from our system. The calculation will include PCB Cost, Premium handling and Shipping Cost.

To place an order on our PCB, please provide us with the data files that are needed for production. These are:

Gerber files in RS-274x format for the copper layers, soldermask and legend layers, mechanical layer and SMD paste layers. Plus carbon, peel-off and via-fill layers as needed.
Excellon drill file(s) for drilling.
1. Gerber files and the Drill files must be stored in the same folder/archive.
2. The board outline must be provided.
For specific guides to generate the necessary files in the correct format, here are some popular circuit design programs we have noted for.

Lead time is the time between the initiation and completion of a production process. It is counted from the next working day following the payment receipt and the approval of your orders. It does not include weekends, national holidays and shipping time. Thus, orders placed on Sundays and public holidays will be processed on the next working day.

We assure you that buying on our PCB is extremely safe and secure. When you enter or update your payment information, the data is transmitted securely over SSL. Thus, your information is secure. Whether you pay with credit card or through PayPal, your information is secured and encrypted to protect your information.

If you have any questions, concerns, or troubles with completing a purchase on your PCB order, please contact us for assistance. There’s nothing more important than ensuring your money is secure and your purchase is working properly. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any issue you’re encountering, we are happy to assist you.

That is no any import taxes you need to bare on your ordering with us. We will responsible for any extra charges once the original package has been shipped.

If the customer have been requested to pay these extra charges, please contact us immediately and we will manage it asap to try avoid delay your goods delivery. 

We ship our PCBs to whole peninsular Malaysia. We currently provide three different deliveries method, 1-3WD, 2-5WD and 4-10WD. Orders may end up being returned or abandoned or ruined for various reasons, including non-payment of tariffs, customs clearance delay, incorrect address, unclaimed at post office just to list a few. If a package is returned or failed to deliver, the customer will be contacted. The customer will have to pay for the re-shipping fee as well as returning shipping fee when it’s returned. We try our best to assist customers when such situations happen. However, we are not accountable for the cases that are mentioned above.

The delivery time is based on the shipping method customer that is selected. It will take around 1-3 working days.

Shipping costs are automatically calculated for you based on the weight of the boards, different state, and shipping methods.

Before you pay, you can see the shipping cost and select the shipping method. 

Due to the complexity of determining the turn time of PCB fabrication, our policy is that turn-time begins immediately after your Gerber files and all other necessary files are received, reviewed by us and re-approved by your side.
When all these reviews and approvals are completed, we will start fabrication immediately. You can track the status of your order in your account order history. Once your order has shipped, you’ll get the shipping information and package tracking number.

We have developed the tracking system to allow user easily track the shipping status online in your account. 

It happens from time to time, though pretty rare. If this happens, please contact courier company for updated time of delivery. Though legally we are not responsible for the delay, we still will track or phone call courier company for updates. The worst case is that we will remake PCBs for you and re-ship to you. For the extra courier charges, we may talk to courier company for compensation.

All PCBs undergo 100% AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) test to ensure that all tracks and pads are connected properly.

Flying probe test will be applied on 2 layers PCB and above. It is 100% free flying probe test for sample board to ensure that everything is connected because this is not visible by the AOI. 

Flying probe test charges will be applied for others than sample board. 

Electrical test (E-Test) 

Panelization is needed when your PCB dimension is smaller than 50mmx100mm, or when your PCB is of any shape (circular, or odd shape) other than rectangle, your boards must be panelized in an array for fabrication. You can pre-panelize at your side, or we can also panelize for you. In the latter case, we will send such file back to you for your approval before fabrication begins. Panelization is a MUST if your PCBs will be used for surface mounting machines for assembly.
If the clearance between the board’s edge and copper features is lesser than 3.5mm (138mil), or your boards need to be panelized for some reasons. Break-away rails (Break-away tabs) must be added at the two longer paralleled edges of the boards to ensure that the boards can be assembled by the SMT machine.

We will only use grade A of KingBoard FR4 material (KB) or GoldenMax FR4 material.

You may download particular board UL certificate here:

KB FR4: Download Here.

GoldenMax FR4: Download Here.

We are responsible for saving your money, that is why we MUST keep the price low. Our large volume of daily orders ensure we can greatly reduce the cost of materials and labours.
In addition, we constantly improve our equipment, developing technical and managerial systems that adapt to flexible setups of machines that are suitable for fabricating with very small number of PCBs without affecting the lead time, cost and quality. All these factors make your one-stop destination of PCBs of low cost.

We have capabilities of manufacturing most of the PCBs for our customers. If you find your PCBs need special processing or you are not sure if we have the ability to produce or not, please contact us for an answer without hesitation, attaching your Gerber files and all other files or drawings for us to assess if we can do or not.
For the full list of our PCB Capabilities, please refer to Capabilities.

Yes. But we also offer leaded PCBs. There are no additional charges for leaded (HAL) and Leaded Free (LF-HAL) finishing PCB. You may select based on your application needs.
We respect the privacy of all our customers. We promise your personal information will never be shared to any third party.