Good day, everyone. Welcome to e-Supply Industrial. Now we are going to tell you about our factory date and shipping policy. It is our fervent hope that you will have clearer and better understanding about us after that.

We always emphasise efficiency and effectiveness. Here are the situations for us to produce your PCB fast. The ex-factory date is:

  • 12 hours for 2L
  • 24 hours for 4L

Our total delivery time includes the ex-factory date and time of your chosen shipping method. For shipping time, normally it takes around 3 to 5 business days for delivery to reach the destination. However, external factors such as customs, disasters, incorrect details just to name a few from courier service are not included and guaranteed. Here are the situations for us to deliver your PCB fast:

  • 1-3 working days for DHL Express
  • 2-4 working days for Registered Air Mail
  • 4-10 working days for Cargo


To know more about us, please follow and like us on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/esupply.industrial.7.

We will update you about ourselves from time to time. Thanks.

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