Quick PCB Prototype Fabrication with 24 Hours Express Provides Hobbyist and Engineers with High-Quality PCBs

[Penang, Malaysia], [April 27, 2019] –  Quick PCB Prototype Fabrication is an express printed circuit board manufacturing service that hobbyists and engineers around the world can take advantage. As expert PCB manufacturers, this company provides high quality quick turn printed circuit boards at excellent prices. But what the company takes the most pride in is its fast PCB making ex-factory lead time.

Depending on the client’s PCB requirements, the company provides fast PCB Prototype Fabrication with 24 hours express. The only thing that the client needs to do is to submit their files at the earliest possible time for the same day quick turnaround services. On that note, the company encourages to call their staff directly for more information on their PCB service.

Whether a customer is a hobbyist or an engineer, they can depend on the company to offer them a reliable on-time delivery for a PCB with high-quality manufacturing. Their service features a fast turnaround specifically designed for multilayer PCB fabrication. The turnaround is as fast as 12 hour ex-factory lead time for 1-layer and 2-layer PCB.

For 4-layer PCB, customers can expect a 24-hour ex-factory lead time. By ordering direct from the manufacturer, they can expect a guaranteed delivery. With this fast PCB turnaround, customers will not have to wait a long time to receive their orders. With a 24-hour lead time, clients who make an order, say on July 20th, will have an ex-factory date of July 22nd.

Customers can also choose from three options for shipping ETA with different costs. The shipping options can take 1 to 3 work days, 2 to 5 work days or 4 to 8 work days. The company boasts of a 99% on-time shipping through their established partnership with reputable shipping companies, DHL and FEDEX.

With the fast turnaround and the type of shipping, customers can easily find out the time when their order arrives. Typically, the order arrives on the next day of the ex-factory date. On that note, if the ex-factory date is on July 21 and the shipping option is 1-3WD, the estimated delivery will be on July 22 -24. It should also fall down into a working day.

Another of the advantages of utilizing their PCB service is the added 25 hours service for free. Any customer to make an order of a 1-layer and 2-layer PCB can take advantage of this. This way, they can experience the company’s expedited service. However, customers must take note that this is a limited time offer only.

With every new register user of the company, a $25 cash voucher is given. It’s a courtesy service provided to every new customer so they can experience ordering on their PCB service. There is also no FREE trial, so customers have nothing to worry about incurred charges. Customers are free to experience how professional and quick their PCB service is satisfying customer expectations.


For more information, please visit https://myPCB2u.com/ or call 011-58586221


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