On January 9, Jiesai Technology (002544) disclosed the “Announcement of Guangzhou Jiesai Technology Co., Ltd. on Investment and Construction of Jiansai Technology Industrial Park” (hereinafter referred to as “Announcement”).


According to the “Announcement”, in order to meet the needs of the company’s R&D office and industrial development, Jiesai Technology intends to invest in Jiansai Science and Technology Industrial Park in Huadu District, Guangzhou. Jiesai Technology R&D building will be the core in creating a leading industrial R&D center, Production center, Supporting center and etc with a total planned area of 125.85 mu (about 83,900 square meters), with a planned investment of 1.605 billion yuan.


Jiansai Science and Technology Industrial Park plans three key projects: R&D building and 5G antenna feeder equipment research and development and technical service base project, communication equipment manufacturing base project, rail transit converged communication platform research and development and industrialization project.


Among them, the communication equipment manufacturing base project is positioned for the production of dedicated communication equipment and high-end communication equipment. This project will integrate Jiesai’s existing printed circuit board, surface mount, equipment, and machining resources to further enhance the high quality, flexible, intelligent and agile manufacturing advantages formed by Jiesai Technology’s PCB business and SMT business development. Completing five shortcomings such as information, supply chain, logistics, equipment, and testing to create an overall delivery capability.


The communication equipment manufacturing base project plans to use 49.85 mu of land, the estimated new construction area is about 72,300 square meters. It mainly constructs digital design and manufacturing, precision processing, SMT production and assembly, machine assembly and integrated loading machines to become an integrated management building,


After the completion of the project, the company will utilize the company’s existing resources and business advantages to integrate and optimize with various process linked of related businesses and improve the production and manufacturing capabilities of the entire process of communication equipment. The project investment capital requirement is estimated to be 600 million yuan.


Jiesai Technology said that the company will utilize on its existing manufacturing resources to build a large-scale precision processing production lines,  a complete machine assembly lines, logistics centers, provide machining and device procurement, SMT services, and electronic product assembly testing for dedicated and civilian customers. Integrated services such as logistics & distribution and undertake various types of communication equipment processing and manufacturing business.


With the continuous expansion of the company’s business scale, the acquisition of land and the construction of the industrial park are of epoch-making significance for the company’s future development.


The announcement said that after the completion of the Jiansai Technology Industrial Park, it will further enhance the ability of Jiesai Technology to carry and develop the industry, which is conducive to Jiesai Technology’s long-term development in Guangzhou.


Source: Shenzhen Stock Exchange

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