Aluminum-Backed PCBs – The Solution for High Power Applications

Printed circuit boards or PCBs come in varying types depending on different standards. Some of the most common PCBs are single layer PCBs and double layer PCBs. In this article, you will get to know another printed circuit known as aluminum-backed PCB.

What is an Aluminum-Backed PCB?

Aluminum-backed PCBs are just the same as the copper-backed ones. The only difference is the use of either copper or aluminum substrate board. Aluminum-backed boards are characterized as having a thermal clad layer that helps it to disperse heat a lot better.

This ability is what makes this type of PCB to be an excellent solution for high power applications. Besides dispersing heat, the layer also has cooling components. These parts are what allow the board to have increased overall performance.

Advantages of Aluminum-Backed PCB

What are the benefits that this type of circuit board offers you? Let us look at aluminum-backed PCB closely in the following passages. Below are some of the advantages of the printed circuit board that puts it as one of the highly recommended solutions for tight tolerance and high power applications.

  • Heat Dissipation

Perhaps the most important advantage of aluminum-backed PCBs – it can help heat to dissipate a lot better and more quickly. Aluminum is known to be an excellent material for dispersing heat away from the circuit board’s most important parts. With aluminum material, the heat is dissipated in the open air that helps to avoid causing severe damage.

  • Longer Lifetime

Aluminum has a longer life than any other materials found inside the circuit board, such as the insulation and copper foil. With that, you can expect that aluminum PCBs won’t be peeling away anytime soon. It means you can save on buying another PCB for your applications since it can last longer than other circuit boards.

  • Environmentally Friendly

If there is any material that you can trust will not have any adverse effects on the environment – that is aluminum. This material is not only non-toxic but also a recyclable material. Thanks to that, it is the number choice of many engineers who are looking for eco-friendly PCB options.

  • Low Cost

Another of the reasons why many engineers choose aluminum-backed PCBs is because it is an inexpensive option. The material is easy to find that contributed to the low cost price of this type of printed circuit board.

Why is an Aluminum-Backed PCB an Excellent Solution for High Power Applications?

This question is answered by the advantages mentioned above, particularly the heat dissipation feature of aluminum-backed PCB. The design of aluminum-backed PCBs allows it to transfer thermal energy, therefore effectively controlling the temperature of your project.

Aluminum-backed PCBs are known to be ten times stronger in heat dissipation than that of a fiberglass-backed board. With that being the case, this circuit board makes it widely used in power electronics, automotive, and other applications where too much heat would be harmful.

Today, it is more popularly used in LED applications. You can often find aluminum-backed PCBs in general lighting, traffic lights, and automotive lighting. With this board, you can effectively decrease the LED product’s thermal energy within the safety margin.

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