The Printed Circuit Board is an electronic circuit with electronic components used in several electronic gadgets. These circuits are constructed in several different ways to suit their intended use. There are basically three kinds of printed circuit boards.

Single Sided

The single-sided PCB is the least complex board circuit with a single layer of a substrate. This board is built with electrical components on one side while the other side contains the copper traces only. Copper is preferred in making PCBs because of its high electrical conductivity. Also, this copper layer is usually covered with a special solder mask and a silkscreen coating to mark and separate the different components on the board.

The single-sided printed circuit boards are useful for the most basic electronic gadgets and can be used by the at-home hobbyist to produce their first electronic project. Meanwhile, these single-sided boards are very cheaper to produce compared to the other types. However, this type of board has plenty of limitations in terms of functions and features.

Double Sided

The double-sided printed circuit board is the standard choice for a wide range of applications and for most industries. This type of PCB has metal conductive layers, parts, and components mounted on both sides. Also, the board has holes which make it easy for circuits on each side to connect. The different parts are connected with tiny wires that pass through these holes.  These wires are soldered to provide a strong, durable, and reliable hold.


The multi-layered board is the more advanced type of PCB made up of two more layers with each layer separated by insulation. The standard size of a multi-layered PCB is in the region of 4 – 10 layers although there are boards with up to 42 layers. The multilayered PCB is frequently used for the most complex electronic configurations.

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